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3 FREE Courses + 21 Day Trial To Lurn Insider

Start your 21 Day Transformation today with the Lurn Insider Entrepreneurial Toolkit.  This toolkit is specifically designed to help anyone start their FIRST online business!

Over the last 15 years and having trained over 250,000 students, I’ve learned that there are 2 main things an Entrepreneur needs to succeed…

PHASE #1 (3 FREE Courses: 21-Day Transformation)

FREE Course 1
Power Start-Up 101 - The 5 "Mind-Secrets" 95% of Millionaires Share...

FREE Course 2
The Scaling Mind - The 60 Minute “Transformational” Journey To an Entrepreneurial Breakthrough...

FREE Course 3
Profit Labs - The Step-by-Step “Napkin Sketch” Business Model - Launching The FIRST Online Business!

Get instant access to these 3 FREE courses when you get started today for just a $5 contribution to an amazing cause.

These courses help anyone attain the Entrepreneurial MINDSET and give a BUSINESS MODEL for launching their first online business. And we don’t stop there...

After the 21 Day Transformation and certification, we begin Phase #2 of online mastery...

PHASE #2 (Online Mastery)

Here's what we offer EVERY MONTH in the journey to mastering an online business:

Weekly Coaching

Now, I’m making myself available every week to work with you! And It’s not just “me.” All of our TOP coaches join our weekly trainings.

We even bring in experts from all over the World!

New Online Entrepreneurship Tactic Dissected

Every month we’ll choose a new topic in the World of online marketing and dive DEEP into it.

You’ll master these monthly topics even better than most $1,000 courses could ever deliver…

24/7 Worldwide Community

This community is an amazing HOME for anyone looking to start, build and scale an online business.

If you’ve ever wanted to succeed at Online Entrepreneurship, this amazing community is the answer!

The Equation of A
Successful Online Business...

After 15 years of "ups and downs" as an entrepreneur, I’ve been able to help over 250,000 students with building an online business...

My ability to teach others how to succeed as an Entrepreneur has actually been featured in magazines such as BusinessWeek, Entrepreneur, and Inc.

In all this time, through my entire journey - I’ve come to learn two things nce when trying to succeed with online entrepreneurship:

  1. Entrepreneurial Mindset
  2. Business Model

It’s NOT an “either-or” equation. We need BOTH - mindset and business model - to be successful online… ESPECIALLY when starting out. The thing is that society doesn’t teach us innately to be Entrepreneurs…

That’s why it can be such a struggle.

Even with all the success I’ve had to date, I’m not a stranger to obstacles.

I KNOW the struggle, the confusion, the overwhelm and ANXIETY in starting a SUCCESSFUL online business.

Actually, I was on the brink of giving up when I started - I just kept failing…

For 18 Months, I Estimate
That I Failed Over 50 Times...

The year was 2001. I was an 18 year old pre-med college student on a full scholarship… But I wasn’t happy. I was ABANDONING the entrepreneurial ambitions I had as a child.

You know that kid on the corner with the lemonade stand?

That was ME!

Yet, here I was… grinding away hour after hour in biology classes - all to get a college degree. I was feeling tortured inside. I knew with every waking day, I was ignoring my inner entrepreneur.

So, I went to Google and typed in: “How to make money online”

After hours of research, I came across an Internet Marketing Forum where people were generating massive revenue by selling PDFs.

I was hooked! Spent countless hours working on their system and ruthlessly trying to get my first sale online.

Long story short, 18 months had gone by and I had NOTHING to show for it.

Then, when I was about to call it quits, I got a private message on that forum from a “Mysterious Stranger” who politely asked me NOT to give up and gave me a step-by-step process to follow.

I thought: “May as well try it…”

So I followed his process EXACTLY like he told me and believe it or not, within 6 hours - I had my first sales.

THAT was the day my fate was decided - and realized I finally had an online SYSTEM that WORKED!

Once you have a system, it works day and night like a MACHINE.

Since then, I have tweaked, rinsed and repeated that exact same SYSTEM -  that MACHINE - over and over again. That alone has been responsible for my success online.

And it’s not just me…

Fast Forward 10 Years...
Over 253,156 Students Taught

  • "Email List Of 44,000 Plus And Over 300,000 Facebook Followers!"

  • "I Live In Greece & Make Up To
    $8,000 A Month!"

  • "I'm Now Making $20,000 To
    $30,000 A Month..."

  • "You Have To Take Action! This Knowledge I Learned From Anik Is So Valuable!"


What Took Me 15 YEARS To Master -
Others Can Now Do In Just 21 Days!

I need just 21 days to help someone master the above sketch. This is the ENTIRE business model and system I follow - nothing more, nothing less.

When I first started, there truly was no “system” to follow. There was also no one to “hold my hands” - lucky for me, the mysterious stranger showed up.

That’s why I’m here today…

All I ask is for a commitment of 21 days - 1 hour each day.

Let’s be clear, this is just the start. These 21 days are used to set someone on the right COURSE. These 21 days set the foundation. So, what happens next? After the 21 days, we still work together - day after day - for months to come.

Think of Me As a Personal Coach...

Today, I want to offer the simple system I use in my business and have used for over a decade now. I’ve also offered this system to many and personally watched it help them start their own successful online business - all by using my step-by-step training & assignments.

… But before I do that, I need a favor from you. The 21 day process is my gift to you, in exchange for a very small contribution on your part - all to an amazing cause…

We’re Raising $25,000 To Pull 1,000 People Out of
Extreme Poverty - All Using Entrepreneurship…

Your $5 Contribution Goes Directly To This Cause!

A few months ago, I fell in love with this organization called “Village Enterprise.” They have an amazing mission. They go to Village across all of East Africa, find one and then adopt it. However, instead of just “gifting” them money, they actually help MICRO-fund 50 businesses at $500 each. What this does is essentially pull 1,000 people out of Extreme Poverty (as defined by the World Bank).

How does it work?

They adopt a village and help fund at least 50 “Micro-Businesses” in the village with just $500 each. That alone is enough to help raise the standard of living of 1,000+ people by over 40%!

So, right now, we at #LurnNation are asking for your help and in return...

I’m going to allow you to take our Lurn Insider program for a test spin (for 21 days) - for FREEWe’ll start with your 21 day transformation - all for FREE - all we require is a tiny $5 contribution to this noble cause…

After that, choose to keep working with me - week after week - for just $67 a month. Either way, “we” (Entrepreneurs) will have helped other amazing Entrepreneurs in East Africa and empowered them to a BETTER life.

If this sounds amazing to you, I’d like to introduce you to…


Phase #1: The FREE Entrepreneur’s Toolkit
A 21-Day Transformation To Starting an Online Business...
* Just a Tiny $5 Donation *

FREE Course #1: Power Start-Up 101

Welcome to Day 0! There’s no time to waste so we start IMMEDIATELY.

Here’s simple truth: If the foundation of your home isn’t solid as a rock, no matter how well the rest is built - the house will collapse!

Prepare for a complete transformation in one’s life, from relationships to health. For any Entrepreneur to succeed, their mind needs a true make-over. That’s what this Day #0 is all about. It’s just 5 videos, but the overall impact is massive!

FREE Course #2: The Scaling Mind

Join myself and Lurn’s lead Transformational Coach - Jeremy Bellotti as we take a 60 minute journey to completely change anyone watching.

The goal of this training is simple: We get our students 100% ready to launch their business. 

Now, with these 2 courses out of the way, we can feel comfortable that the MIND is finally ready for a MAJOR breakthrough. With that out of the way, it’s now time for us to dive into actually taking the online business LIVE

FREE Course #3: Profit Labs

It’s time to start building the entire business - day by day and one baby step at a time.  We literally give just one small assignment after another - no overwhelm!

Simply follow the EXACT steps we show and focus only on that day’s assignment. The goal here is that the business will be LIVE and launched within these 21 days.

  1. 6 types of online businesses ANYONE can start today…
  2. The 5-step business model I’ve used to generate $120 million…
  3. How to generate $1,000 - $2,500 in sales using a simple, 1-page website
  4. My 5-step Niche Checklist that determines if a niche is a good one to pursue…
  5. The #1 FREE tool that can launch an ENTIRE business!

But, we don’t stop there…

Now, I want to get more "hands-on" to help our #LurnInsider member MASTER the process of using the Internet to build the life of their dreams


Phase #2: Online Mastery
Week-by-Week Coaching & Community
* After The 21 Day Trial - Only $67 a Month *

EVERY Month: Weekly Coaching

I’ve used everything from Email marketing, digital publishing, e-Commerce, affiliate marketing and even Amazon marketing to achieve over $120 Million in sales online…

For the first time now, I’m making myself available every week to work with students without charging my $2,000 an hour consulting rate!

And, the best part?
It’s not just “me.”

We’re giving away WEEKLY access to all of our top #LurnNation coaches through our weekly training webinars. No matter what happens, get an immense amount of support through our weekly training webinars.

EVERY Month: New Topic & New Course

Every month we’ll choose a new topic in the World of online marketing and dive DEEP into it; master the topic even better than most $1,000 courses could deliver…

  1. Over 7 Amazing Traffic Strategies
    Some of these are free, some for pennies - master them ALL!
  2. From Email Marketing to e-Commerce
    We’re hiring the TOP experts to teach you!
  3. Conversion Mastery
    How to use words to sell almost anything in the World!
  4. Latest Tools & Technology
    All the tools needed to automate and scale a business in the world of internet marketing.

EVERY Month: 24/7 Worldwide Community

When I first started online, I struggled alone for MONTHS. It wasn’t until I found an amazing community that I had a major breakthrough.

Well, it’s time for our #LurnInsider students to have that same breakthrough NOW!

This community is the #1 HOME for anyone with an online business. Anyone who has ever wanted to succeed with Online Entrepreneurship absolutely must become a part of this amazing community!

Lock in your seat NOW.

Don’t wait or put it off because the monthly price for being a Lurn Insider is soon going up to $147 a month.  The only way to lock in your $67 a month rate is to take us up on the 21 day trial NOW and then you’ll be locked in for LIFE…

Start the 21 day trial IMMEDIATELY with just a tiny $5 contribution to helping save 1,000 people from extreme poverty!

In Summary - Here’s What Lurn Insider Offers Immediately:

FREE Course 1
Power Start-Up 101 - The 5 "Mind-Secrets" 95% of Millionaires Share...

FREE Course 2
The Scaling Mind - 60 Minute Entrepreneurial Breakthrough

FREE Course 3
Profit Labs - The Step By Step Blueprint To Taking Your Business LIVE

Get instant access to these 3 FREE courses when you get started today by making just a small $5 contribution to an amazing cause (that saves 1,000 people from extreme poverty).

After the 21 Day Transformation & certification, we’ll begin Phase #2 of the online mastery process - and it’s just $67 a month to remain an active member.

Weekly Coaching - Latest strategies, Live Q&A's with Anik Singal.

New Topic Mastery - Fresh training courses every month!

24/7 Worldwide Community - Active online Entrepreneur community...

Today, lock-in your membership to Lurn Insider with a just a small $5 contribution. Claim the 21 day trial and then after that it’s just $67 a month. You can cancel ANY TIME you want.

Start The 21 Day Transformation NOW!

  1. Get a 21 Day Trial to a community BUILT for someone who is trying to finally have their major BREAKTHROUGH online.
  2. The price of Lurn Insider will go up to $147 a month very soon - don’t risk missing out on the amazing chance to lock-in the membership at just $67/month for LIFE!
  3. Just Click the Big Button Below. Let’s get started! I can’t wait to start.

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